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Hey Guys,

So I eventually left Brisbane and went out to stay with another ex Red Lion drinker Sharon. They live out about a hour west of Brisbane in the most gorgeous house in the middle of the country.We went down to the local pub, the Marburg Hotel, which was like stepping back into a time warp but none the less a good night. I even won some money on the dogs as they are gambling crazy over here with 6 plasma TV screens in the pub with all the upcoming races.DSCF0356.jpg

After Brisbane I headed up to Noosa, which I just fell in love with. But still the weather was just crap. After settling in I bumped into Gini and Clare who I had travelled with in Cairns, which was a really good surprise. We did the headland walk, which was again spectacular even in the rain. It was just a quick 24 hours there before heading up the coast again to Hervey Bay. The worse part of Noosa was spending the night in a 12 bedded dorm with lots of males who snore!

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all seasons in one day 25 °C
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Arrived in Brisbane on saturday, I am staying with Badger and Linda. Badger use to drink in the Red Lion before moving out here about 14 years ago, he now thinks he is an Aussie especially with regard to the cricket. So I was pretty pleased when we won the one day internationals. They have an apartment with the most fantastic views of the city (see photo) and in a great location for me to all my site seeing.
Well I don't think there is anything I havent done in Brisbane, as it all free! (what a cheap skate do I sound like now!). Brisbane is quite small for a city and not quiet so sports mad as Melbourne but everyone here loves the place mainly due to the constant warn sunny weather. But guess what the rain followed me down the coast, but thankfully its just been showers.

Standing inland from Brisbane is Mount Coo'tha which has really good views of the city and out to the sea, I've been around the Botanical Gardens, museum,casino, shopping and art gallery as well as doing a very long walk around the city. I've even been into Parliament here! I feel very cultured after that lot.

Wednesday I got to cuddle a Koala and fed Kangaroos which was fab. As you can see from the picture I look a bit uncomfortable the thing was much heavier than it looks, it stunk - but thats normal for male Koalas and it has bloody sharp claws, for the 3 hours a day it eats! Although it was well worth the trip out of the city to Lone Pine and to get told about the problems of Koala and Chalmydia ( Si and Becca I thought you were making that up!). I also got to see a wombat, which is agreat big fat creature nothing like I imagined at all.
Well I think only a few days left here, and then moving up the coast. Here a picture of Badger (a grey one now!), Linda and myself.

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Cairns continued..

Getting out of the place

sunny 32 °C
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On Wednesday 7th Febuary myself and two other girls i'd met, Gini and Clare spent the day trying to find a way out of Cairns and all the floods. We looked into flights, boats and car hire. A road trip sounded like a good idea only to find that all the roads south of Cairns at some point were completed flooded! So I decided to book a flight to Brisbane for Saturday.

I spent Thursday mulling about and then Friday the most bizarre thing happened and the sun came out! YES you heard me correct, clear blue sky all day!!! Clare and Gini then managed to get a bus down to Airlie beach and I waited for my flight on Saturday.

Curly flew up to Cairns on friday night so we had a good old catch up with a night out and as always met some odd people. Also we nealry got arrested, ok i'm exaggerating slightly. Whilst sitting in the Esplanade two police men approached us and asked us if we could see the camera were sitting in front of. We were then informed it was an offence to consume alcohol in public and we had to throw our beers over the wall onto the beach..what a waste! anyway we avoided the $70 fine and found a bar. I have since scanned my lonely planet but it doesn't tell you this vital piece of information.

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Rain, rain and more rain

rain 23 °C
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So arrived up in Cairns on saturday morning and I really wasn't prepared for the humidity up here, and of course the rain. On arriving I soon found out the wet season had just started and it lasts for about 2 months none stop - BRILLIANT! So checked into the backpackers had a wonder round to orientate myself and soon found there isn't really much to Cairns. It is a completely purpose built tourist town and i'm sure the rain just 'dampened' my view further. But I decided to book some day trips.

On Sunday it was an early start to head out to The Great Barrier Reef to Michaelmas Cay - although it rained it was just spectacular and made me realised why I'd bothered to come to Cairns. The snorkelling was amazing, i didn't find Nemo but had the most fantastic time. Seen turtles, sting ray, sargent major fish, sea coral, giant clams and the list could go on. I also manged to get two small yellow fish following me around. I think they were attracted to my yellow life vest, they seemed to like swimming in front of my mask. It was just so bizarre!
Monday was another early start with a trip to the Rainforest upto Cape Tribulation, north of Cairns. Having stopped in Port Douglas, Mossmans Gorge and going crocadile watching in the Daintree river. We spotted four and I tell you I was really pleased to get out of there. We then got dumped in the pouring rain in a resort in the middle of the Daintree national rainforest wich reminded me of being of Brownie pack Hol (maybe a new destination Suz?!) with dorm rooms and running up the hill to the toilet and shower block. The noise form the animals was just amazing, I swear a frog must have been next to me whilst brushing my teeth. Even though it rained we were situated right on the beach and again the views were breathtaking. The rain didn't let off - so I we spent the majority of time playing pictionary and scrabble with two english, one swiss and one sweddish chap, which mae the games slightly more entertaining.

Now I'm back in Cairns but as you can probably gather it is wet season and I'm stuck. No greyhound buses have left for the whitsundays since friday night as the roads are flooded. Today I am trying to formulate a plan of action to get out of Cairns!! Unfortunately I think It will mean missing the Whitsundays out as boats are not leaving either and most people I have met on the way found it rained 24/7 and they didn't get to see Whitehaven beach!

Any suggestion guys would be greatly appreciated. Keep you all posted, if I ever make it out of here!

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Sightseeing Galore

sunny 34 °C
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DSCF0092.jpgSo arrived in Melbourne Tuesday think I jinxed the weather in the last entry as it turned really overcast and cold. In the afternoon I headed into the city, which is a short tram ride away, with a couple of the girls in my room who had been here a week or so. we walked along the river which is situated in the heart of the city and went to see the casino - where I got asked for ID, couldn't believe it legal age here is 18. But it made my day!

Wednesday I headed straight into the city to do some serious sight seeing and get by bearing the afternoon was spent on St Kilda beach which is where i am staying and in one of the most amazing coffee houses which I will have to put the picture online for you all! Ackland street is very famous for its cakes. In the eveing I found that they produce southern comfort and coke in a can! Called SoCo - that made my evening, and a few after that as well.
Thursday again sightseeing went up the Rialto Tower to the observation deck, was really surprised how big Melbourne is and everywhere you turn is another sports arena. Tennis open having just finished, the famous MCG ground and Albert Park was getting ready for the grand Prix which I was driven around today. Something the aussie's do really well is markets! I was in my element although only purchased my lunch.

Well today is my last night before I head up to Cairns, I've spent the day with a friend of a friend and been shown around some areas I would not have been able to see myself and had a dip in their pool. Then as i'm staying about a 15 minute drive out of Melbourne walked down the esplande and along St Kilda pier to seee the sunset over the city.Off to pack now! Susan you were right, I could live here!

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